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Our award-winning PatientPad® solution helps you grow your online reputation and improve your practice image.  PatientPad® also helps you more effectively engage patients throughout their visit.

  • Online reviews are important
  • Reviews are hard to get
  • We make it easy and convenient!

Collect Reviews

PatientPad® makes it really easy for your patients to rate their visit and leave a review in your office, while their experience is top of mind

Promote Your Practice

Your reviews and testimonials can be automatically published to your website, Facebook page, Google search results and popular doctor ratings websites

Engage Patients

Your patients can also use PatientPad® to check-in for their appointment, browse relevant health information, apply for financing, and much more

Collect Reviews

Building a good online reputation is becoming critically important for doctors.  A growing number of healthcare review sites like Healthgrades, Vitals and RateMDs are rapidly gaining credibility and influence.

According to recent reports from Nielsen and BrightLocal, over 70% of patients say they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. 

Our award-winning PatientPad® system is the healthcare industry’s first in-office solution for capturing online reviews and testimonials from patients.  Leaving a review on one of our HIPAA-compliant iPad® tablets takes less than a minute!

Our iPad®-based solution makes it easy and convenient for your patients to rate their visit and leave a review before they leave your office and move on with their busy day. 

PatientPad® helps you capture the goodwill of your satisfied patients – who normally wouldn’t take the time to leave a review.  It also provides a controlled outlet for dissatisfied patients to share their feedback with you.

  • PatientPad is a lot more effective than a suggestion box or a comment box. With PatientPad we are getting over 20 patient reviews per week.

  • Both PatientPad and ReviewCatcher have become incredible tools in our practice, and the support staff have been great to work with.

  • Our PatientPads help expedite check-in and allow patients to explore areas of interest while they wait. Patients of all ages have enjoyed using this new technology.

Promote Your Practice

More and more patients are going online to do their homework when they begin searching for a new doctor.  More often than not, patients will Google you prior to booking their first appointment.

We created to ensure that your reviews and testimonials are quickly published to Google and all of the major search engines.  It usually takes just a few days for your PatientPad® reviews to start showing up on the first page of Google search results.

Our PatientPad® system can also send automated thank you emails making it easy and convenient for your patients to share their feedback on your preferred online ratings sites – including Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs, RealSelf, Google+ and Yelp.

You can also automatically display your reviews and testimonials on your practice website and industry partner websites like

  • Having our EMR patient portal available on our PatientPads has provided a significant process improvement for us. Previously we had a laptop available in our office to allow patients to complete their patient registration information electronically.

  • PatientPad has been extremely effective at increasing our efficiency and making sure patients understand that Manhattan Lasik Center embraces the latest technologies available.

  • Thank you for adding Brilliant Distinctions! PatientPad gives our patients the freedom to enroll at any point during their visit, from anywhere in the office. This has really made our lives so much easier and will help drive more repeat business from our cosmetic patients.

Engage Patients

At any time during their visit, your patients can use PatientPad® to learn more about your practice, explore relevant health information, browse your practice website, apply for financing, and much more. 

If your electronic health records (EHR) system has an iPad®-compatible patient portal, your patients may also be able to use PatientPad® to electronically check-in for their visit, share their demographic and medical history information, and sign consent forms – all from the comfort of their waiting room chair.

Each PatientPad® consists of an Apple iPad® in a patented tamper-proof enclosure designed exclusively for the healthcare industry;  an elegant docking station that recharges the PatientPad® when it’s not being used;  and a zero-deductible protection plan. 

Our enclosure protects against damage and delivers an important layer of physical device security for HIPAA compliance.  Our charging station ensures that your PatientPads are always charged and ready for your next patient.  Our zero-deductible protection plan provides comprehensive coverage for your tablets if they are damaged, lost or stolen.

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